March was a celebration of the women that we are all lucky enough to know during International Women’s Day. We asked the women in the REAL. Leadership community what this day meant to them – read more in this inspiring blog post.

We have continued the theme of diversity in our April newsletter with a blog post on the importance of diversity in the workplace from Ben Sullivan CEO and Co-Founder of The Reverse Mentoring Practice and a fascinating insight into the Women in Leadership programme from the Aga Khan foundation. Finally we share a LinkedIn post from the CEO of She2 Leadership Ltd, Nicola Grant, who challenged us on the impact of leading with empathy.And if this has been a challenging month then watch Steven Kotler explain why we are all capable of so much more than we know.

Finally we are proud to let you know that The REAL. Leadership Consultancy has been voted one of the top leadership coaching companies in 2022, you can find out more here.

Ben Sullivan is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Reverse Mentoring Practice, with a vision to eliminate discrimination in the workplace, so that people and businesses thrive because of their differences. Here Ben explains the importance of diversity in the workplace but why leaders are often ill-prepared because their understanding about diversity and inclusion is too simplistic.

As REAL. Leadership Founder Steve is part of the EthicalCoach programme (a bridge between world-class coaches and non-profit organisations), he connected with the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) last year, and was fascinated to hear how they have designed and implemented their own Women in Leadership (WiL) programme.

“There are many reasons why women make great leaders – evidence abounds. However, every leader has to find his or her own path. There is not an exact recipe for what makes a great leader. There are different types of challenges for everyone, coming from different angles and in different forms. AKF’s approach is focussed on fostering an inclusive workplace culture that enables male and female staff to thrive equally, with opportunities for professional development commensurate with their talent and aspirations.” – Staci Frost, Director, Organisational Effectiveness

Nicola Grant, CEO of SHE2 Leadership Ltd, recently shared a LinkedIn post that really resonated with us and we wanted to share this with our leadership community.

At a recent event Nicola listened to Julia Gillard (ex Prime Minister of Australia) share this brilliant observation:

“If we ask leaders to lead with empathy, how do we give them the skills to do this authentically? In order for them to do this on a long term and sustainable basis we must acknowledge this emotional investment in their teams, the inevitable personal toll and subsequent knock on impact on all their relationships. Companies must ensure they have the proper framework in place to ensure their employees are staying and feeling well to protect and sustain good mental health.”

The importance of acknowledging the emotional investment of leading with empathy is important so it was great to read this quote from Julia. What support do you have in place to help your leaders lead with empathy?

Finally click here to hear Steven Kotler explain how to use flow state to do the impossible. Find out why we’re all capable of so much more than we think.

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