Many of us are comfortable supporting and caring for the people that we lead, and of course our family and friends. But what about YOU? Often great leaders will put their own well-being last, but during these challenging times you might need to rethink that decision!

So here we focus on those people often unintentionally overlooked either because they don’t appear to need help or are afraid to ask.

If you are having to make some tough decisions then read some thoughts from our network on how to cope during these challenging times.

Are you surrounded by overperformers who don’t appear to need any support? Read more from executive coach Nicola Pye on why as leaders we need to support these overperformers.

For your next podcast, why not listen to Steven Bartlett interviewing Marcus Buckingham on how to have tough conversations and how to overcome challenges that you face.

Finally, we celebrate those companies that are supporting their employees every step of the way. The Sunday Times Best Places to Work list is both surprising and inspiring. What ideas can you take away to help support your team?

In the midst of some particularly tough times for many of our clients, making difficult decisions with empathy and authenticity is a frequent challenge for leaders. Perhaps you’re having to make some tough decisions to stay in business and even reduce your staff numbers? In this latest blog post REAL. Leadership founder Steve Charlton shares some thoughts from our network on how to cope during challenging times.

This month Executive Coach Nicola Pye, from Nicola Pye Coaching, and Global Talent Director at EY explains why as leaders we need to be worried about the ‘overperformers’.

The people who are always first to the finish line, not happy with 100% they’re striving for 150%.

What is this boom or bust cycle of performance saying about our leadership and our culture? By championing overperformance are we saying that this is the definition of success? Sorry, you are great and all that but you can’t be successful unless you achieve 150% and are willing to sacrifice your personal life, your health?

Find out more and read the top three signs that you have overperformance in your team.

In this episode of a Diary of a CEO Steven Bartlett talks to Marcus Buckingham, one of the world’s most in-demand career experts and the author of several best-selling business books including, ‘First, Break All The Rules’, ‘Nine Lies About Work’ and ‘Love + Work’. He is known as the world’s most prominent researcher on strengths and leadership at work, and today leads research at the ADP Research Institute.

Marcus discusses struggling with a stammer in his early teens, to becoming a prolific public speaker, and opens up about how he overcame it as well as touching on many other insightful topics. They talk about how to become a great manager, how to make your employees happy and what strength really is. They also discuss managers doing what’s right for the company, NOT the individual. Great advice when having tough conversations.

Congratulations to all those included in The Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2023 – these are companies putting their staff well-being at the top of the agenda.

We were particularly interested to read about those that were nominated for being the best place to work for well-being. These companies are showing true leadership by creating innovative ways to support their employees.

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