We are proud to announce that following on from being awarded the top leadership development training/coaching company in the UK in 2022 by Manage HR Magazine, we have now been awarded top leadership development training/coaching company in Europe in 2023.

We’ve been ranked amongst some of the top leadership development and coaching companies in Europe, many of whom are at the forefront of integrating leadership development within organisations, using various tools and platforms to grow their client’s leadership capabilities.

Manage HR Magazine explained why REAL. Leadership won this award in 2023:

“The REAL. Leadership Consultancy stands as a beacon of innovation and authenticity in the realm of leadership development. Unlike conventional consultancies that seek to mould individuals into predefined notions, the REAL. Leadership consultancy embraces a distinctive philosophy, where leaders are empowered to shape their own style in alignment with their personal aspirations.”

In the interview with Manage HR Magazine, Steve Charlton, founder of the REAL. Leadership Consultancy talks about how leadership is often associated with specific traits or behaviours. But this perspective can deter potential leaders by suggesting they must fit into a predetermined mould to be successful.

Steve emphasises that leadership should be diverse and multifaceted. It should encourage individuals to explore their strengths, values, and personal style, acknowledging that there are countless ways to lead effectively. Someone might be a visionary, a servant leader, a collaborative facilitator, or a decisive strategist—and all these approaches can be equally impactful depending on the context and the people involved.

To find out more read the full article here

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