I hope that 2024 has started well for you?

Thanks to Manage HR Magazine for the recognition again this year. To be ranked alongside some of the top leadership/coaching companies in Europe is testament to the hard work by the REAL. Leadership team, but also the support and guidance of an amazing network of like minded leaders and of course great clients.

This month’s newsletter focuses on the importance of having the right sounding board to support you as a leader. Whether that is one confidant as outlined in Steve’s video below or a whole “cheeseboard” of advisors, as suggested by Nicola, the importance of these people cannot be overstated.

If you still need convincing read the fascinating article by Business Leader Magazine which looks at a few notable number twos and their relationships with some of the biggest names in business and beyond.

“If there’s one New Year’s resolution I ask my clients to have, it is to have a sounding board this year”. 

Steve Charlton – Founder and CEO of The REAL. Leadership Consultancy


Hear from Steve on why, in these increasingly turbulent times, a sounding board can provide leaders with that essential person to speak to. Learn how to find the right person, what to discuss with them and the benefits of having the right sounding board.
“When you are leading in a world so incomprehensible that VUCA is redundant, you need a whole “cheeseboard” of advisors not just one sounding board.”

Nicola Pye – The Leadership Coach and People Person

Ask any CEO how they are doing and you can hear the ever so faint sigh, or see the shoulders sag.

Despite this pressure, Nicola Pye, The Leadership Coach & People Person noticed something with the CEOs and leaders that she works with. Those that have greater resilience, bounceback and confidence in their decision-making all seem to have one thing in common: They are getting lots of great advice from lots of great people.

Find out more about why CEOs and leaders are being intentional about who they need in their squad and why they are willing to pay for confidence in their confidants.

For every big name in business, there are understudies that act as sounding boards, confidants, and trusted ears.

Business Leader Magazine

The world was reminded of the influence that a number two can have in life and business when Charlie Munger passed away just shy of his 100th birthday.

In this article Business Leader Magazine break down a few notable number twos and look at their relationships with some of the biggest names in business and beyond.

We are proud to announce that following on from being awarded the top leadership development training/coaching company in the UK in 2022 by Manage HR Magazine, we have now been awarded top leadership development training/coaching company in Europe in 2023.

We’ve been ranked amongst some of the top leadership development and coaching companies in Europe, many of whom are at the forefront of integrating leadership development within organisations, using various tools and platforms to grow their client’s leadership capabilities.

Manage HR Magazine explained why REAL. Leadership won this award in 2023:

“The REAL. Leadership Consultancy stands as a beacon of innovation and authenticity in the realm of leadership development. Unlike conventional consultancies that seek to mould individuals into predefined notions, the REAL. Leadership consultancy embraces a distinctive philosophy, where leaders are empowered to shape their own style in alignment with their personal aspirations.”




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