We are proud to announce that the REAL. Leadership Consultancy has been named the top leadership development training/coaching company in the UK in 2022 by Manage HR Magazine.

The objective of these awards is to bring the spotlight onto some of the key developments in the space and how companies are leveraging training/coaching services to boost their growth. The magazine highlighted companies such as REAL. Leadership that provides diversified learning experiences and growth opportunities to employees and leaders through a differentiated approach.

In the interview with Manage HR Magazine, Steve Charlton, founder of the REAL. Leadership Consultancy talks about how the firm bridges the gap between leadership theory and the realities of everyday life as a leader, navigating the ever-changing work environment.

In addition Steve discusses the New Leadership Blueprint. This outlines his approach of having honest and open conversations with REAL. Leadership clients, following a simple three-step model.

Looking Back: This involves looking into the individual’s history – their education and upbringing, career trajectory, and their best and worst leadership role models. This gives an idea of why the client leads as they do.

Looking around: The next step is to validate how they believe they lead with the people around them. For Steve, leadership is all about how other people experience you. This exercise enables us to find the gaps between a leader’s perceived ability and the reality of how many people experience them.  Many of our clients find this both enlightening and challenging as they often don’t take the time to ask for feedback on their leadership style.

Looking ahead: The final step involves looking ahead and reflecting on the traits and values clients want to adopt to become successful leaders. This often includes key learnings from the second step. It is followed by devising strategies tailored to the individual, helping them reach their full potential. Engagements can run from three to twelve months and include access to Steve and his network for any day-to-day challenges the client may be experiencing.

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