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This month’s newsletter is all about having a positive mindset. It’s easy to lead when everything is going well, it’s when things are challenging that leaders have to step up and provide reassurance and inspiration.

From the rising cost of living, the ongoing pandemic effect to the war in Ukraine, there’s no denying it’s a challenging external environment on top of the daily leadership challenges.

Here at REAL. Leadership we believe that positive leaders must show a resilient attitude, focusing on overcoming these challenges with energy and purpose and constantly encouraging others with their uplifting leadership.

What’s included in Talking REAL. this month?

  • If you and your team are going through a period of change or transformation at the moment then read the blog post by Vinit Shah on how to navigate change.
  • Russell Facey looks at the importance of not just thinking positively but also strategically and how counting the wins can help you stack the odds in your favour!
  • If you are looking to take a new direction then read Steve’s article on what he learnt from making the decision and the challenges that he has faced and how he has overcome them.
  • Our book of the month is “Four Thousand Weeks” – find out what all the hype is about and how to make the most of your four thousand weeks!

Vinit Shah, Founder and Managing Director of the London School of Sales, discusses why without change, there can be no progress, development, or growth. Understanding that changes are necessary to support the development and attainment of any vision or goals is an important starting point.

Find out more here.

“Empowering those around you to be heard and valued makes the difference between a leader who simply instructs and one who inspires.”
Adena Friedman, Nasdaq CEO

Russell Facey, Partner at Whitebridge Group, looks at the Positive Mindset Myth, and the importance of not just thinking positively but also thinking strategically to ensure that you are stacking the odds in your favour!

In this blog post from our founder Steve, he reflects on the challenges that he has faced changing direction, and the tools he has put in place to overcome them.

Find out more about the importance of having people around you, and for those of you running your own business the value of the “non-corporate eco-system” that is on your doorstep, and the support from the thousands of people like you who have made that brave move.

If you live to 80, you’ll have barely more than four thousand weeks on earth. How will you decide how to spend them?
Four Thousand Weeks explores concepts of time and time management, arguing that our modern attempts to optimise our time leave us stressed and unhappy. Drawing upon the work of ancient and contemporary philosophers, psychologists, and spiritual leaders, this book proposes a path to cultivating a fulfilling life through embracing our limitation.


What our clients have to say….“Within a short time of working together, we uncovered key areas for me to work through and challenges to take on. Thanks to Steve’s REAL Leadership approach, my old view of leadership has been replaced with a significant new mentality that has already made an impact in my career.”

Sumi Nair

We are really proud of the positive feedback and testimonials that we receive from the REAL. Leadership clients. Find out more here.

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