This month we are excited to share some top tips from Victoria Salomon, founder of the The Ixchel System and owner of Ixchel Therapies for more than 15 years.  Victoria shares her expertise and explains why taking time off is crucial for recharging all the systems in your body and mind. 

Whether you’re on holiday with the family, enjoying one of your favourite outdoor pursuits or just relaxing at home, the great summer reset can be an essential ingredient for your success at work.

As a leader, taking time off is crucial for recharging all the systems in your body and mind..

Being ‘In Charge’ and responsible all of the time, means you may literally have a ‘charge’ of adrenaline triggered, exhausting your body far more often than you realise….. this in turn can lead to unnecessary burnout.

So this month, if you are taking some well-deserved time for rest and relaxation here are a few pointers to help you get the most out of your break and feel energised for your return.

  • Travelling can be stressful, and it’s not always easy to eat well, If you are going away, pop a good multi-vit in your bag.
  • Allow time to rest…. you are a Human Being, not a Human Doing!
  • Believe it or not, mindlessly heaving around big heavy suitcases or taking up brand new sports pursuits like water skiing can trigger annoying back or shoulder injuries, so remember to take care of your posture, warm up your muscles and mobilise your joints.  Especially if your body is tired.
  • Pace yourself and try to block some transition time between coming back from your holiday so you are not ‘rushing’ back into work.
  • If you have a regular routine of sport or meditation already, try to keep this up in your time off.  If you do not have a practice like this, your holiday time is a great opportunity to create a new habit to support you on your return to business.
  • As a leader, even on holiday sometimes you need to check in with your work, if so, set a particular hour and keep to your time boundaries.  Tell your family or friends that you are doing this, and let them know you will be present with them to enjoy the rest of the day.
  • Take time to reflect on your successes
  • Block your next holiday out in your diary, before you return to work, so you are prioritising wellbeing and the fruits of your labour.

People unwind in different ways, but this list is based on years of witnessing first-hand what helps prolong the benefit of your time off.

Find out more about how to deal with stress in your work life via the The Ixchel System website.

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