One of the most common questions from our clients…and right now the biggest challenge for companies of all sizes, but particularly smaller ones who can’t afford to hire the wrong person is how you recruit people as passionate as you!

The simple answer is that you will never find anyone as passionate as you, that’s why you launched your business, but you might find someone who can get fully behind your purpose. So what is that purpose? Is it easy to spot on your website and in all of your communication? Or is it all about the opportunity to grow and learn, in which case perhaps seek out someone you can coach to become a superstar like you!

Flexibility is a given nowadays, whether it’s an employee choice around where they work, mandating core working hours or unlimited holiday allocation. As is a good salary and benefits and don’t forget medical cover and wellbeing perks will now be topping the list for any prospective applicant. But what about your company values – is it a welcoming environment, a culture of innovation, is there a flat hierarchy, do you give everyone a voice?

Perhaps you’ll need to lower your expectations/hopes, perhaps that mystical person doesn’t exist and you’ll need to learn to do it yourself. Don’t forget that you should always hire for attitude and will, as you can teach most skills.

Here’s some tips from our network that might help?

  • Employ applicants for a few days, or a project – a few day’s salary is nothing compared to 6 months with the wrong person. Plus you both get to experience what it’s going to be like working together and you get to test out their skills.
  • Sit them in the office, real or virtual – the best way for them to see and feel what it’s going to be like, equally you can see how they react to the environment.
  • Use personal connections/referrals from people you trust – there’s a reason why you trust them, and they know exactly what you are like, your values and beliefs.
  • Ask your existing employees as they know your culture – encourage or incentivise them to use their network, and of course use them as part of the interview process.
  • Always be looking and recruiting, it’s about timing. Keep your network fresh and your eyes open. I met one of my best ever recruits when shopping for clothes at the weekend!
  • Over-recruit if you can, cover your bases as not everyone works out, for lots of reasons.

Finally, think about turning the “great resignation” into a “great attraction”, stop worrying about who might leave and concentrate on making your company the one where people want to work.

One of my best bosses told me that I should be learning or having fun, ideally both…but if neither it doesn’t matter how much you are paid as it won’t compensate!

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