Marc Convey is Co-Founder of Thrive Now, a collective movement connecting a community of people who desire to create a better world by being better, happier humans. In this blog post Marc explains the benefits of journaling in your own way.

An awful lot of people have added journaling into their lives as a way of dealing with anxiety, processing events of the day, or even just noting down positive thoughts when they come to them. I fall into the latter camp.

My morning routine of tea in bed while reading, followed by some breath work and short meditation have become so important for setting me up for the day, but my journal sits on my bedside table in case my (well-being) reading sparks some inspiration.

Yesterday morning I stopped and randomly opened my journal to an entry from the 9th of August, 2021, titled – Positive Past. I wrote down two bullet points:

– Don’t dwell on mistakes, learn from them.

– Reminisce on good times past, don’t live in them or wish for a repeat.

We buried my best friend’s mum last Friday. It was a sad, happy and beautiful day. She treated me like her second son. I spent most of the day remembering and being grateful for the good times we shared.

It’s so weird I had an urge to look back at an entry yesterday and that’s the message (the second one) I sent to my future self. It was just what I needed after an emotional rollercoaster of a few days.

I will continue to journal in my own way.

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